Nice to meet you

First impressions count, which is why early interaction with candidates is so important to get the selection process moving.

With a strong talent acquisition process you can showcase the best of what you’ve got to offer. At the same time, you can make an early assessment of your applicants against the requirements of the role. And you’ll create a positive candidate experience, even before they meet you.

All this with minimal outlay, allowing you to invest your time and budget in the later stages of the recruitment process.

The Cubiks approach is a flexible portfolio of online talent acquisition tools that offer challenging, interactive assessments with scientific results.

All include automatic scoring and reports that enable you to efficiently screen out the least suitable candidates and spend more face-to-face time with the people you want to meet.

Develop your talent aquisition cycle with:

Sift in practice

A strong process to identify and attract the people you really want to meet can deliver significant results.


Dynamic questionnaires that improve engagement and reduce drop-out rates by up to 30%.

Time to hire reduced by 50% for a well-known retailer.

Recruitment process cost savings of over £1m per year for the UK Civil Service Fast Stream.

Independently recognised, including the Onrec award for “most innovative way of attracting graduates”.


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