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Cubiks' ability tests use proven science to help you accurately determine an individual’s cognitive capability.

Logiks. A safe bet for predicting performance.

No matter how many people you need to assess, whatever their level and wherever they work, our Logiks ability test series will allow you to quickly and accurately evaluate their ability.  The tests are easy to implement and fast to complete, saving valuable time, especially when it comes to screening and selecting people.

Logiks delivers an intuitive participant experience, with simple administration and instant access to analysis. At the core of each test is some very smart science, so you can be confident that your assessment of ability is fair, accurate and reliable, every single time.

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Lighten the load.

Our intelligent ability tests work hard to make your life easier. Whether you need to sift candidates, or you want information to support candidate selection and progression decisions, Logiks is here to help.

With Logiks you can:

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Get accurate insight into a person’s verbal, numerical and abstract cognitive ability.

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Choose from a range of options to assess current and potential employees at all levels.

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Quickly access the information you need, generating individual and group reports with ease.

Boost efficiency

These short focused tests will help you make decisions faster.

Gain insight

Use science to accurately assess verbal, numerical and abstract ability.


Minimise candidate seat time

Save candidates’ time with rapid online tests.

Deploy worldwide

Choose from various levels and a range of languages and norms.

Maintain integrity

Protect against cheating with the Logiks item bank – making every assessment different from the last.

Keep it simple

Get easy administration and instant reporting with our versatile online assessment hub.

Intelligence to enhance all areas of talent management

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Screen Candidates

Automatically sift out the least suitable candidates.


Select The Best

Predict how potential employees will perform.

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Identify Talent

Discover high potentials across your workforce.

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Develop Your Workforce

Gain insights for individual and team development.




Bringing in the best for employers and bringing out the best in employees. It’s what we love doing.




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