predicT PErsonality & Competency

Arm yourself with the right intelligence around role-fit and cultural agility to make the most accurate hiring and development decisions.

Understand and predict competency with Horizon Talent Insights

Scientifically developed personality assessments provide a solid foundation for competency based interviews and selection decisions. Powered by PAPI3+, the industry standard for personality questionnaires, Horizon Talent Insights can be trusted to quickly and efficiently provide meaningful outcomes that are pivotal to the hiring and development lifecycles.

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Developed specifically for the Chinese market, Horizon collates the most valid information from a 20-minute psychometric questionnaire to predict competency framed against 3 potential areas of Cultural Agility. Horizon is an easily accessible solution that can be used across the entire talent management and development spectrum. It's easily configured to assess candidate fit against specific job profiles - whether for experienced hires, volume recruitment, or talent development.

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The latest version of Cubiks’ well-established global personality questionnaire - developed specifically to make assessment more relevant and powerful in Greater China - equips you to confidently predict competency and understand what makes people tick. By using the full PAPI reporting suite, you can understand what drives and motivates your people, enabling them to grow, thrive and reach their potential.

Strengthen hiring decisions

Understand what new hires will bring to the table, determine an individual’s fit, and create in-depth team profiles.


Insight into specialist

Focus on what is crucial for success by assessing against your own job profiles or selecting from Cubiks' Job Profile Library.

Cultural agility and relevance

Roll out a solution specifically developed for Greater China that sets assessment in a local context for maximum relevance.

Enhanced insight for managers

Gain a deep understanding of what motivates and inspires your people. Improve development and boost performance.

Interactive dynamic reporting

Instantly access the insights that matter most with our range of concise reports available in multiple formats.

Engaging candidate experience

Bring simplicity and clarity with a smooth interface that smartly combines free choice ratings and forced choice rankings.

Assessments personalised for you

Make the process uniquely yours by adding employer branding and creating your own job profiles.

Blend insights with

Use personality, ability and competency data with multi-rater feedback to understand the impact of work style.

Cubiks is pushing the boundaries of traditional measurement and data quality by offering straightforward and simple reports that require less talk, and less training, but still deliver the deepest of insights.


Measure how people adapt and thrive in different cultures. Interpret the balance between natural strengths and challenge areas within their work environments.


Gain a clearer understanding around specific competencies, and ask the right questions for talent hire and talent development situations.


Drill down and gain more granular detail for each capability, giving you the very best insight for more assured decision making.

Pivotal insight at all stages of the talent lifecycle

View over a person's shoulder at computer screen displaying Cubiks candidate assessment solution

Screen Candidates

Provide insight into competency fit and cultural agility.


Select The Best

Essential insight at interview to enhance the selection and hiring process.

Smart-casual smiling man in meeting room with two people identifying talent

Identify Talent

Link personality with competency to identify potential for success and growth.

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Develop Your Workforce

Understand & support development opportunities with in-depth talent insights.




Ask the right interview questions and benefit from the best outcomes with Horizon Talent Insights - powered by PAPI3+




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