Whether you’re looking to ensure a focused candidate interview or manage a meaningful career development discussion, our reports help you focus on the areas that matter. 

 Explore opportunities. Fuel growth. Inspire change.

Meaningful insight. It’s the vital ingredient for optimising your talent. The effectiveness of a first-class assessment process will be seriously undermined if the resulting reports provide little value to either the participant or the employer. Delivering the essential information in the right format is a crucial piece of the puzzle and Cubiks can provide you with an unrivalled range of reporting options.

Our high impact reports deliver information in language that immediately resonates with the reader. We’ve got a huge range of options, from targeted interview guides that are linked to job or competency profiles, to coaching reports that are full of practical development tips. We even offer dynamic touch-screen reports that unload information at the tap of a finger.


Data dashboards: access a new world of insight.

Our dashboards will help you start answering the key questions that are driving the talent agenda in your organisation and enable you to better understand patterns across business areas.  If you think your team will be too stretched to start tackling people analytics, then simply hand us your data, and we’ll analyse it for you.

With Cubiks' analytics you can:

Empower your people to generate group insights in just a few clicks.

Play with your data to better understand the true profile of your workforce.

Choose to leave the analysis to us and we’ll inspire you with the insight we find.

Targeted information for all aspects of talent management

Screen Candidates

Instant, automatic reports for screening.


Select The Best

Insightful candidate reports and interview guides.

Identify Talent

Reports focused on potential.

Develop Your Workforce

Essential knowledge for individual and team development.




Creating knowledge. It’s what we do.

We’ll bring you incredible intelligence that gets to the heart of what both your people and your business need to grow and thrive.