Make early interactions count and get your candidates engaged, with Cubiks’ simulations. These exciting assessments allow candidates to quickly understand key role requirements and enable you to gain an insight into their role fit.

Engaging candidates. Streamlining recruitment.

Nobody envies recruiters faced with screening high volumes of candidates. It’s a tough job to achieve both efficiency and accuracy, while delivering a great and engaging candidate experience. Simulations can explore how people might respond to situations they’ll encounter at work. They can be applied as a self-selection measure to provide candidates with a realistic job preview or alongside other assessment elements in an automated selection system.

We’re ready to create your ideal assessment. There’s so much we can do from developing highly visual on screen tests through to designing virtual reality enabled situational judgement tests. We love coming up with new ideas to make your assessments engaging. If you’re looking for something simpler, we’ve also got amazing simulations you can use straight out of the box to assess a candidate’s suitability for a specific role.


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Bring the role to life.

Built to empower recruiters, inspire candidates, and maximise resources, Cubiks’ simulations are an excellent tool for the start of your recruitment process. We can personalise your assessments to make sure you’ve got a solution that shows off exactly what’s great about your organisation and the role you’re hiring for.

With Cubiks' simulations you can:

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Get personalised tests for your organisation and your key roles.

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Provide candidates with realistic job previews showing them what to expect from the role and your company.

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Deliver an outstanding candidate experience, inspiring applicants while saving time in your recruitment process.

Empower candidates

Offer applicants a realistic job preview so they can learn more about the role and whether it will suit them.

Gain efficiency

Automate the early stages of selection to save valuable time and resources.


Choose the best

Deploy relevant, accurate assessments to progress only those candidates with the best fit to your roles.

Access insight

Get clear, informative reports in a range of formats for interviewers, line managers and candidates.

Be different

Shout about everything your organisation can offer with a preselection process unique to you.

Trust the science

Screen with confidence, knowing you’ve got robust assessments and the latest psychometric expertise on your side.

Put candidates into the real-life situations they may face

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Screen Candidates

Include stunning simulations and situational judgement tests in your screening solution.


Select The Best

Let candidates experience their future role with simulations reflecting specific job requirements. With this objective and holistic view of candidates, you'll be sure to select the best.

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Develop Your Workforce

Use simulations to enhance role exposure and develop your workforce.





Our award-winning team design and deliver industry-leading assessments, simulations and situational judgement tests around the world.




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