Showcase your values with Cubiks Capture, a pre-selection tool that empowers candidates to understand their level of fit with an organisation’s values.

Attract candidates who match your unique values.

Help your candidates decide at an early stage whether your business is a good fit for them. Provide an understanding of your organisation that enables those who aren’t well suited to opt out before committing to the hiring process. It’ll save time for you, your organisation and your applicants. 

Capture is a quick and impactful value fit assessment. This highly visual experience projects your values via an image-based questionnaire, asking people to rate how far a series of statements describe them. Participants get instant feedback on their level of fit, so they can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with their application.


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Immerse candidates in your culture.

Add an exciting new dimension to your selection process; highlighting the values that make your organisation special. Candidates learn about you, and discover which of your roles will potentially be a good fit.  Recruiters receive applications from motivated and engaged candidates.

With Cubiks Capture you can:

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Communicate your values and inspire the candidates you need with rapid, visual assessments.

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Streamline recruitment by reducing the quantity of unsuitable candidates moving through your selection process.

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Boost engagement in new hires by instilling an advanced understanding of what to expect from your workplace. 

Rapidly assess values

Assess values in under 10 minutes and deliver instant feedback to applicants on their level of fit.

Showcase your brand

Let your employer brand shine and immerse potential employees in what it means to work for you.


Make it mobile

Enable people to explore your values on the go, with assessments designed to work beautifully across mobile devices.

Be yourself

Roll out assessments that celebrate your organisation’s individuality. Choose to work from our values library or create fully personalised tests.

Boost efficiency

Save time across your selection process. Deploy Cubiks Capture and up to 20% of applicants will deselect themselves.

Trust the experts

Assess with confidence, knowing you’ve got the latest science and our global team of HR specialists on your side.

Empower candidates with true knowledge of your values

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Screen Candidates

Bring values into your screening solution.




Your values are inspirational.

Add Cubiks Capture to your screening solution, and start using your values to excite the people who’ll really thrive within your organisation.




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