The Key to Thriving During Challenge and Change.

Resilience refers to an individual’s capacity to adapt positively to stressful circumstances and setbacks in order to optimise performance and maintain wellbeing. Amid frequent changes and challenges in today’s world of work, building a resilient workforce where people are engaged, healthy and productive is essential to a sustainable future of any organisation.

How to Build Resilience in Employees

Utilize PSI’s market leading Resilience Model for a deep-dive into eight core strategies that help an individual to adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenges and change.


Can Resilience be Developed?

Resilience is not a fixed attribute. It is a set of behaviours, attitudes and strategies that can be learnt, built upon, and developed. These skills can be applied to a variety of settings to enhance an individual’s capacity to adapt in a positive manner to challenges and threats. Highly resilient employees can reframe setbacks into opportunities and continue to perform at a high-level when under pressure.

Increasing Resilience Strategically

Resilience doesn’t just support individual employees and their wellbeing. It also offers huge benefits at an organisational level. A resilient workforce is more productive over a longer period of time as employees are more likely to be healthy, engaged, and feel valued. As such, they are also more likely to be personally invested in business goals and more able to support each other to achieve success, regardless of challenges and pressures.

Enhancing Resilience in your Organisation

The Resilience Questionnaire is delivered online via our secure, accessible and mobile-compatible platform. The solution can be integrated into a range of talent management activities including coaching, well-being programmes, development workshops, blended learning, leadership development, organisational change, and redeployment. Data and insights collected by this solution can be used at an individual level, or at a group level, to help develop and enhance organisational resilience.

Our own research has highlighted the importance and value of resilience. More resilient employees shown to be:

✔ 43% more productive
✔ 47% more engaged
✔ Twice as likely to not experience burnout

Eight Core Areas of Resilience

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The extent to which an individual has confidence in their ability to address problems and obstacles that they encounter.


The extent to which an individual believes that they will experience good outcomes in life, and the way in which they explain setbacks that they experience.

Purposeful Direction

The extent to which an individual has clear goals that they are committed to achieving.



The extent to which an individual is willing to adapt their behaviour and approach in response to changing circumstances.


The extent to which an individual perceives they are capable of finding solutions to problems that they encounter.

Challenge Orientation

The extent to which an individual enjoys experiences which challenge them and perceives stretching situations as opportunities to learn and develop.

Emotion Regulation

The extent to which an individual is able to remain calm and in control of their emotions during stressful situations.

Support Seeking

The extent to which an individual is willing to ask others for help and support when dealing with difficult situations.

The Resilience Questionnaire allows for quantitative measurement of the eight core areas to gain an insight into an individual’s resilience. Our suite of automatically generated feedback reports enable individuals to develop and enhance their resilience. In addition, our team of resilience experts can offer further insights and recommendations at a group level to support the development of resilience across the organisation.

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