Cubiks helps organizations to better understand their people, predict performance and achieve great results through a versatile portfolio of personalized talent management solutions.

We’re passionate about empowering people and organizations to achieve their potential. Whether you need to select the right candidates, pinpoint key talent or accelerate the development of leaders, we will provide the insights that you need to make the best possible decisions.

Why choose Cubiks?

Our personalized solutions deliver the critical insights that are needed at every stage of the talent cycle. From screening and selecting candidates through to identifying and developing talent, our solutions enhance your understanding of key individuals and significantly increases their self-awareness. We ensure that everyone is poised for success.

From screening graduates to developing successors for the Boardroom, we’ve got it covered.

Screen & Select

Attract and excite candidates, while screening efficiently. Get the right people in the right roles. Find the perfect match.

Identify & Develop

Discover future stars. Don’t let potential stay hidden. Boost self-awareness. Leverage talents, build skills, inspire learning and growth.

Your global partner in personalized talent management and assessment solutions


Cubiks applies scientific insight to design and deliver outstanding talent assessment methods, tools and solutions.

"Cubiks supported us in a great way to make our talent identification and development more objective and more fair."

- Accenture

"We have been partnering with Cubiks to bring our leadership model to life. We enjoy partnering with the team very much."

- Hyatt

At Cubiks we believe that People Matter. We empower people to achieve their potential and help people progress. In careers. In business. In life.

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Get to know people better with PAPI, Cubiks’ world-renowned personality assessment.

Potential Solution

Identify your future stars the easy way.

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Create a feedback culture with flexible 360 feedback systems.

The Cubiks Difference

“They feel like an extended part of our team.”

Director of Talent, Rentokil



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Insights that will help you to transform your people and talent processes.

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Overcome your talent management challenges with Cubiks

Wherever you operate within the talent landscape, we know that you’ll have your hands full. 

If responsible for talent acquisition, you’ll no doubt be working hard to ensure your organization attracts the top talent available. And to do this effectively, you’ll need to ensure that all candidates, whether they are recent graduates or established executives, have a first-class candidate experience with your company.

 If your focus is more on learning and development, it’s likely that you’ll be busy trying to unearth hidden talent, build your leadership pipeline and make sure that key teams are operating at full speed.

Whatever your specific talent management challenge, you’ll need to understand whether your organization’s approach is generating ROI, both for your own peace of mind and to demonstrate value to key business stakeholders. To achieve this understanding, you’ll need access to evidence-based talent analytics.  And that’s where we can help. 

Cubiks works with you to provide robust assessment and talent tools deployed seamlessly into your organization to generate scientific insights that help overcome your talent management challenges. 

Every year, Cubiks carries out more than 2.5 million assessments across 37 different languages via a network of 30 global offices, agents and associates.

An aging population and the high costs of employee turnover have resulted in succession planning becoming one of the main focuses for HR professionals.

Costly High Potential programs can be improved via the power of clear and meaningful People Analytics, resulting in better outcomes and increased efficiency.



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