Personality Tests in the Recruitment Process


It takes a lot of energy, time and money to recruit, so making the wrong choice can be very costly for an organisation. More than that, it’s also frustrating and discouraging for all the people involved in the process to see a new employee leave. So how do you ensure the candidate you choose is right for the job and for your organisation?

At Cubiks, we perform 1.6 million assessments a year, for organisations across 195 countries. We understand the challenges HR professionals face when recruiting in an ever-changing market and we help them succeed, putting people at the centre of our solutions.

Understanding personality to recruit the right candidate

Looking at someone’s personality can help you determine if they will be suitable for a role. Personality traits can indicate an individual’s work preferences and drivers as well as the way they might behave in a work environment. For example, using scale measurements against specific traits, you can understand what factors will motivate an employee to work or how they prefer to interact within a team. Knowing this type of information really helps to predict how a candidate will thrive or struggle in a specific role.

You can then use this information to carry out structured, highly tailored interviews. You can also compare this information against other candidates to find the person best suited for the role. Looking at personality objectively allows you to make unbiased decisions and offer a fair assessment to candidates. 

Benefits of assessing personality for recruitment

A well-designed personality test is a great tool to help you make informed, unbiased decisions in recruitment:

Fair assessment of candidates 

Measure objectively how suitable an individual is in relation to a job description and compare it against other candidates.

Better understanding of work behaviour

Understand how an individual thrives at work and areas where they might struggle. This information can feed into your onboarding process and development programmes moving forward.


Improved teamwork 

Identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses allows to build better teams by matching them with the people that will get the best out of them.

Choose a personality assessment you can trust 

There are many personality assessments out there. How do you choose the best one for you?

Science-based assessments

Ensure your assessment is based on science and will provide an accurate, unbiased measurement of personality. Objective personality assessments should be based on work-based personality traits to better reflect the reality of how individuals work.

Engaging candidate experience

Your assessments should provide an engaging user experience, for both participants and administrators. They should be clear, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Personalised assessments

Personality is unique and jobs can be very different. You’ll need to personalise your assessments to make them more engaging to candidates. Reports should also be tailored to provide accurate insights, especially for sales or leadership roles.

Interactive dynamic reporting

Your day is busy enough to have to dig into long, boring pdf reports. Interactive reports that dynamically show you the insights you need will make your life so much easier. If they’re available in different formats, even better!

International capability

If you recruit across borders, you need to adapt personality assessments to the local language and culture. The same question might be interpreted differently between two nationalities. 

Start recruiting the right candidates

If you’re wondering how personality assessments could help your recruitment process, get in touch with our team of experts who will be able to build the assessments you need.

It’s time you stopped wasting time and money on your recruitment process by being confident you’re focusing on the right candidates with objective, user-friendly personality assessments.

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